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Artists that are a part of The Triune Network family in conjunction with being overall winners from the Prayze Factor  Awards and Honorees, enjoy a variety of benefits to include PR/Marketing campaigns, social media consulting, artists placement referrals, worldwide resources in radio/tv/print and so much more...

Grammy Winner Arthur Roland

Grammy Award Winner Hall of Fame Inductee Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Pearly Gates

The Pearly Gates National Award Winning Quartet

Pastor Keri Fraser

International Worship Leader/Award Winning Psalmist



Gods Gurls

Gods Gurls Award Winning Female Band from Atlanta, GA

Stephen B. Steward

Stephen B. Steward Award Winning Psalmist from Los Angeles, CA

Donald Malloy

Donald Malloy Award Winning National Recording Artist from New Jersey

Kay Morris

Kay Morris International Award Winning Artists based out of Toronto Canada

Jake Hughes

Jake Hughes Award Winning Recording Artist from Southbend, IN


Appointed2 Award Winning Country/Bluegrass Artists from Orlando, FL

Jcee Jermet

Jcee Jermet Award Winning International Recording Artists from Kingston Jamaica

Gospel Lioness aka Mekiella Risher Young

Gospel Lioness Award Winning Traditional Gospel Artist from South Carolina

Shelia Moore Piper

Shelia Moore Piper International Award Winning Artists based out of Houston, TX

Divine of Annapolis

Divine of Annapolis Award Winning Female Quartet from Baltimore, MD

Krax Blaze

Krax Blaze Award Winning Holy Hip Hop Artist from Kenya

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